Work and Jobs in Prague

If you are an EU citizen you don't need a work permit to work in Prague. The most common jobs for foreigners are teaching English, German or other languages. You might also find employment with some foreign-owned businesses. Some bars and restaurants are also looking for English-speaking staff, especially at tourist locations. If you are a citizen of New Zealand you can arrange a working holiday in the Czech Republic before you leave your country. This scheme allows you to work and travel in the Czech Republic for up to one year. The unemployment rate in Prague is low, around 4 per cent. This doesn't mean that finding a job in Prague is very easy. In Prague, there are also a lot people from the former Soviet Union who are working mostly illegally and are willing to do low-paid jobs under bad conditions, usually at construction sites. Prague police often clamp down on foreigners working or staying illegally. 


Job outlook

Prague is a very diverse country that has continued to grow. Although the recent economy has affected most countries, this country has fared well. The unemployment rate in Prague according the to the Labor Office is 3.8%, while the Czech Statistical Office declare the rate is 7.3% in the country of the Czech Republic. These rates show that with ingenuity it should be possible to find work in Prague.


The Average monthly salary

(before tax) is around £1000 or 30,000 CZK in Prague but on average salaries for the whole country are around £750 or 23,000 CZK. Wages increase every year by about 5 to 8 per cent. The national minimum wage is 8,000 CZK (or 48 CZK per hour). For skilled professions the minimum wage can be up to 16,000 CKZ, for example, a company director would be receiving a minimum wage of at least 16,000 CZK per month.


Teaching English

There is quite a high demand for native English speakers in Prague. You can easily find teaching jobs at high schools, private language centres, and, more rarely, universities. Qualified native English-speaking language teachers are difficult to find. The demand for teachers is become even more intense now that a new Czech residency law has taken effect. The majority of good teaching jobs require at least a degree and either teaching experience or a TEFL certificate. Wages range from 150 to 300 CZK (about £5 to £10) per hour and at some private schools can reach up to 400 CZK (£13) per hour. (read more)


Where to look for jobs offers



Green Card

There is a legislation which allows certain nationalities (12 nationalities including USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand) to obtain a Green Card (which combines a visa with a work permit) and thus make it more easy for certain foreigners to work in the Czech Republic. This is no concern for EU nationals as they can live and work in any EU country without any limitations. Foreigners can only apply for a vacant position which was advertised unsuccessfully (meaning that no suitable Czech or EU national could be found for the specified position) for a period of up to 30 days. Green Card is issued either for 1, 2 or 3 years. Applicants must contact a Czech embassy or consulate and apply there.


Work Differences

The dress code is the main thing that people who have worked in both the USA/UK and the Czech Republic notice. It is often the case that business attire for females in the Czech Republic means that a lot of cleavage and leg is shown. If you are a female and unsure about how to dress, you should simply follow the lead of your closest female boss. Regardless of the clothes you wear to work, they should always be presented properly – for example, they should be ironed and fit you well.

Attitudes towards sexual harassment in the Czech Republic are not as strong as in many other countries around the world, meaning that it is seen as acceptable in many places, as long as it is only mild. Since the Czech Republic joined the EU though, many employers have started to combat the problem more.

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Sunil Joshi
Said this on 4-25-2013 At 01:11 pm
Hi ,

My name is Sunil.I have been working as sr. Customer care executive.I have very good work experience.I have been married.We are interested to do job in Czech Republic.

So kindly assist me regarding this.

Sunil joshi
Said this on 3-27-2013 At 02:07 am

My name is Karlis and i am from Latvia. I speak fluently Latvian, English and Russian.

I am very positive hard working, 25 years old person. I have more than 5 years experience by working in customer services. I used to have my own franchise store, and i just finished my work in USA`s largest talent database as a project manager. People know me as always positive, humorous, polite, but serious, when it is in need to be, person and one of their favorites to have a chat again. I am a great team leader, and good team player as well. Without my work, i am shooting songs and video clips, as well TV advertisements - filming and directing. I also do sports permanently for seven years and i used to be sports trainer for a while as well. I am planning to go to Prague, cause i just love that city. I have been there for 6-7 times in my life and i am planning to move there, so if you have a job to offer, don`t hesitate to contact -

Thank You in advance and have a nice day!
Andrew Feest
Said this on 2-25-2013 At 01:59 pm
During the last twenty years I have spent my time managing my own business which has given me a vast amount of experience and transferable skills that I can adapt in to a new job role. I am a hard working, friendly and conscientious individual who strives to do my best at all times. Having spent a long period of time being a business owner has given me the ability to work alone to my own initiative but also as a key player in teamwork and inspiring others to work as part of a team. My drive and determination are pivotal attributes that I believe make the dynamic character that I have matured into. I am an energetic and creative person who has the dedication and persistence to follow things through and these qualities have shaped me into the quality person that I am today and apply these to both my professional and personal life. My varied interests also assist in making the strong person I am today. These include music, going to the cinema, watching football and socialising with friends.
Overall I would say that the vast array of not only business but life experience that I have would certainly compliment me in coming and working in your business.
Please don't let my age of 51yrs put you off. I am very young for my age with lots of energy. Please contact me via email
Said this on 1-19-2013 At 05:35 am
Hi, I want to come to Prague for working holiday. I am going to complete a remedial massage Diploma and want to find work in massage clinic. How can I find jobs before I arrive Prague?

Thank you...........
Said this on 10-4-2012 At 10:24 am

I'm planning to move to Praque in few months. I'm looking for a job as an accountant. I have few years of experience. I'm multilingual ( I speak advanced English and French, native Polish).

If you know any sites where I may register, or know any international company that seeks an Accountant, please let me know.


Thank you

Best regards,

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